Spinning and flow forming

Spinning allows the production of revolution parts in small and medium series with a low investment cost for tooling. The flow forming is the manufacture of cylindrical or conical parts with a thickness under control. This process is economically the most competitive compared to other technologies, regardless of quantity.

Genthial is able to produce parts whose diameter can vary from 10 mm to 4500 mm with a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm to a maximum thickness of 20 mm in carbon steel, 40 mm in aluminum and alloys and 15 mm in stainless steel.

The spinning operation is performed on numerically controlled lathes with interchangeable rollers for greater accuracy and increased productivity by reducing the number of intermediate operations. Genthial has a wide range of tooling for produce elliptical and hemispherical bottoms up to 1400 mm diameter.

Genthial provides design and implementation of all the tooling necessary to his spinning manufacture. Genthial also takes over responsibility for the management and storage of tooling its customers on its premises. To ensure in time, the quality of these tools, Genthial performs maintenance of this park.

Examples of parts made in spinning

Lids, bottom, reflectors, baffles, hub cover, deflector, domes, cones, caps, arcing rings, half spheres, arches, flange...

Our means

  • 6 numerically controlled lathes "LEIFELD" can produce parts up to a diameter of 2400 mm.
  • 3 synchronized lathes with two slides "BOHNER and KHOLE"
  • 4 hydraulic lathes