To be able to produce finished parts or subassemblies, Genthial created a department sheet metal working him to carry additional operations such as folding and various operations of welding.

With different welding equipment, Genthial can perform manual welding, longitudinal in automatic, in mode MIG, TIG, PLASMA and by points.

With its folding machine multi-post, Genthial is able to produce parts with complex geometry in a single operation.

From powerful software CAD, CAM and experience of our technicians, Genthial can assist in the design of parts.

With a network of partners we are able to carry out any surface treatment such as polishing, epoxy paint, anodizing.

Our equipment:

  • Press brake CNC 8-axis, 170 tons x 3000 mm
  • Rolling machine CNC 2000 x 10
  • Rolling machine 1000 x 6
  • Spot welding
  • Longitudinal weld automatic MIG and TIG PLASMA